What you need to know before investing in Africa.

The few things no one ever told you about investing in Africa:

1- The culture of business in Africa is very similar to the one in Asia, people are more into relationships than transactions.

2- Africans have more money than everyone thinks, and they are willing to spend it not only on food but on many different products and services.

3- African costumers are royal to the brands, especially in the food, beverage and banking sectors.

4- The poor people have also their market preferences. That’s why before investing in Africa, some market researches are essential.

5- Concerning the modes of communication, texts are used a lot, less e-mailing and the driver may be your courier too.

6- Reach out the local business consultant and experts, they know the local customs, culture and relationships. It’ll minimize “school fees,” and deepen your perceived investment.

We hope this tips may help you.

SOURCE – Africa Key Partners

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