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What do I do when my number of days expires and still want more days?

Apply for an Extension.

What are the requirements for extension of visitor’s permits?

  1. Extension application form
  2. Attach one recent passport picture
  3. Photocopy of your return ticket
  4. Submit application with passport

Who is entitled to a work permit?

Foreigners working in Ghana.

What are the types of work permits available in Ghana?

  1. GIPC – Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
  2. IQC – Ministry of Interior Quota
  3. Immigration work permit
  4. Free zones work permit

What are the requirements for a work permit?

  1. Company registration documents
    (certificate of registration, certificate of incorporation, certificate to commence business and companies code)
  2. GIPC registration certificate
  3. Company’s current tax clearance certificate
  4. Company’s audited accounts of previous year
  5. Medical report from any recognized hospital in Ghana
  6. Police clearance report from home country
  7. Curriculum vitae/Resume
  8. Offer /Appointment letter/contract of employment

Do I get a Residence Permit in line with a work permit?


How long does it take to secure a Work Permit?

One month.

What permit does a foreign student in Ghana require?

A Student Permit.

What is Visa on Arrival?

This is the process of obtaining a Ghanaian visa at the airport for persons who do not have a Ghana embassy in their home country.

What are the requirements for a Visa On Arrival?

  1. Application letter from the company
  2. Company registration documents
    (company code, company registration certificate, tax clearance certificate, certificate of commencement of business)
  3. Bio-data page of passport of the foreigner
  4. Bio-data page of passport of signatory of application letter

What is an Indefinite Residence Permit?

This is a permit acquired by a foreigner married to a Ghanaian which allows the foreigner to reside in Ghana permanently.