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As is the case with most steadily growing conglomerate businesses, the issue of Payroll can easily become cumbersome for any business to deal with. Especially when the number of staff on payroll is expanding as rapidly as the business is growing. During that period, expansion can also become a major concern hence the most cost and time-effective solution would be to outsource the payroll function to willing and capable experts and deliberately focus on the company’s core operations. Contrary to popular belief, payroll cannot merely be labeled as a processing function which is largely responsible for employee’s salary compensation. Rather it involves a lot of time, effort and technical know-how to be managed effectively and efficiently and this could sometimes become an impediment to the core operations of organization. This reasoning process is what engineered our involvement with UNIGLO FINANCIAL SERVICES with a unitary goal in mind; which is to make sure that the process of growth in business is as comfortable as possible. The challenge fit in seamlessly with our core operations, which made it relatively easy to turn a challenge into an opportunity to grow.


In response to the above-stated problem, the best fit solution to offer within our repertoire was our Payroll Services. Upon analysis of the challenge, we provided Uniglo Financial Services with timely, effective and efficient payroll solutions for all their contractors located in West Africa. Making sure that the company’s focus was streamlined towards its major operations leaving the payroll function entirely to us to manage with our expertise. Our understanding of the problem reflected in the method adopted in the solution process, which was largely based on time maximization and efficiency.


Just as expected, our solutions gave contractors of Uniglo Financial a hassle free experience with regards to Payroll. This consequently had a ripple effect contractor’s motivation and performance in general as they were rest assured that salaries would be duly processed and paid on time. Employees with specific demands on the modes of salary payment were engaged by our organization to ensure that they were processed and paid according to their demands. Due to the fact that our services were effectively deployed, the maximization of time reflected on the company’s profit margins as well as their overall performance as compared to the earlier months. Making it easier for Future Solutions Chartered Accountants to have clear metrics and indicators to measure the financial health of their organization. The service rendered was proven to have a positive impact across all tiers of the organization.