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Employer of Record Services

The cost of expanding your business into new territories can be relatively high for most organizations. However with the necessary expertise, technical knowledge and abilities, it could be a hassle free and seamless process. An employer of record is the quickest way to solving international staffing issues without necessarily incurring high operational costs of establishing an entity in a foreign country.

As an Employer of Record our responsibilities include onboarding local employees with compliant contracts,support of in-country employees HR needs and remittance of salaries taxes and benefits owed. We at Kharis understand the value of time, hence we offer to help our clients maximize time and effort by focusing on their core responsibilities and functions while they engage our services. We also address the most common misconception regarding employer of record service professionally by retaining client’s control over staff and taking on the legal responsibility of maintaining compliance to payroll and employment laws.

Our employer of record services have proven to be highly beneficial in terms of timely salary payment and proper management of taxes over years of operations.

Working in collaboration with us to provide this service is very beneficial in terms of time saving. Our Clients save themselves from the strain of having to support HR services on their own.

Our Employer of Record Services eases the burden of human resource, tax etc thereby allowing our Clients become compliant and avoid financial penalties and other business sanctions that comes from being non-compliant. This is also helps in risk avoidance for the Client.

International employees of our Clients benefit from our Services because of timely payment of salaries, proper payment of taxes and also that their employers are operating within compliance of all local laws and standards.

Key aspects of our strategy

Our General Support Services include Expatriate Management and other Business Support Services in the Oil & Gas sector.

As a result of our high-quality general support and execution services, our clients have been able to gain the following benefits:

  • Significant lowering of the costs: Our handling of these extra tasks has helped our clients to reduce their operational costs to a significant level. This goes a long way to increase profits considerably.
  • More Focus On The Core: Since we take up the general support and execution tasks of your Company, you can focus on your core productive tasks. This eventually results in significant growth your Company’s performance in their sector, i.e, oil and gas extraction.
  • Saving Significant Time: Our assistance to clients not only lowers costs but also saves time to enable them streamline their efforts and redirect focus on their core. The ease of operations and additional relief that clients experience as a result of our involvement is one of the compounding benefits that identifies us as a company.

These are just some of the benefits of our General Support and Execution services. We have also dealt with several international clients from various parts of the world which enables us to get different pictures of preferences from the globe. The benefits of doing business with us include but are not limited to the ones listed above.

Experience has helped us develop multiple solutions and we like to apply them actively.

Control Systems in the general corporate context simply means the process of helping the management to steer the company towards its goals. Our Control Systems Management tools have helped several companies to direct their resources in a planned and careful manner so that the company’s objectives are met.

Our highly skilled managers are available to help companies meet their goals. Years of experience and expertise of our management consultants help to make this happen. As a result, many companies have attained good management practices.

We have the ability to successfully impart certain important thinking patterns to client’s managers. This helps them to become ambivalent and not absolute in the beginning. This has helped them understand opportunities as well as risks in decision-making processes.

Thirdly, we help our clients to avoid situations that may lead to uncertain results, affecting both internal and external aspects of their business environment.

We help our clients by guiding them optimize the various resources at their disposal such as allocation of work so that the operational objectives are achieved.

Our Control Systems Management has greatly promoted petroleum extraction and refinery businesses across the globe. Our Control Systems Management processes are world class and within a short period, we have mastered the processes and very competent to deliver to your expectations.

Today’s industry work stations demand competent, dynamic, experienced human resources to deliver on productivity schedules and economic efficiency. As a result, organisations require the most appropriate Talents for various projects and operational departments. Our collaboration with you assists your company in your staffing needs.

The petroleum industry has also faced more sophistication in their manpower needs in recent times due to advanced processes and stricter production requisites in the oil and gas industry. This is where GroConsult takes up the outsourcing responsibility to supply you with the best manpower for all projects.

Our Manpower Supply Service is very significant as it aids our clients operate cost effectively. There are very high costs which go into operations such as drilling, extraction, purification, and transportation of oil & gas products; these processes are the core of the industry.

In view of such a high-cost environment, it is beneficial for oil and gas companies to outsource non-core functions such as Manpower Supply and Talent Management.

You can rest assured with our service to provide you with high-quality and reliable Manpower Supply services to your company so that you can focus on your core operations. You can depend on us to supply you with competent Manpower for all functional levels.

Our Consultancy Services provide your company with competent management of resources that can help you maintain a steady and smooth flow of work. This ensures there is no waste of resources or misallocation of funds that can lead to significant losses.

We provide our clients with the following services.

  • We assist our clients to execute smooth project management which ensures that the goal of the project is completed on schedule. This also includes the right way of managing resources such as talent, time and finances.
  • We offer expert and professional solutions to the various departments of the company individually, wherever required. This ensures that each department is capable of handling its processes and functions without having to constantly depend on higher management. It not only saves money for the particular department but also for the company since they don’t need to invest the money in a poorly performing department. Our solutions are customized per their requirement.
  • Our Consultancy Services also include plan management. Newly established companies may have trouble executing new plans due to lack of resources or lack of expertise. We help these new companies to understand the situation from a clearer point of view and help them make, run and handle projects efficiently.

Our Offshore Services include services that are required for your company’s offshore operations such as loading, unloading, repairs and transitioning. Our Offshore Support Services are mostly logistical in nature and has helped several companies enhance their processes.

This also includes processes such as serving the ships with resources such as equipment repair, communications, meal servicing and safety measures.

Also, our services are custom made for every client according to their needs. We understand that every client has a different risk profile and unique set of challenges. This is the reason we ensure that they are offered a bespoke solution that are in sync with their specific needs.