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Audit & Accounting Solutions


Accounting and auditing plays a very crucial role in examining the financial health of an organization. It is one of the pivotal functions in the organizational structure of most institutions. Our Accounting function involves the tracking, analysis and reporting of financial transactions whereas our Auditing function ensures a thorough independent analysis of financial and accounting records to verify if they conform to the law as well as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

These two processes play a major role in identifying weaknesses and strengths of the financial systems that organizations run. Placing your organization’s accounts into our care gives us the mandate to ensure that your accounts are accurate and that resources are distributed fairly and efficiently. We assist you to track income and expenditure, ensure that your company is fully compliant to statutory laws and also provide quantitative financial information to make strategic business decisions.

It is important for businesses to have reliable information on the financial position of the firm, measure and assess the performance of management, and also identify the differences between liabilities, assets and capital.

We provide firms a hassle free accounting and auditing experience within the confines of their industry with assured quality and convenience in service delivery.

GroConsult delivers stupendous audit and accounting solutions. Therefore, we want you to benefit from the financial management and reporting schemes honed from multiple world class industries on 3 different continents with a cumulative management expertise of 40 years.

Over 14 years of professional experience has granted us the opportunity to render services to companies such as Maker industries, Abapa savings & loans limited, Select Art Manufacturing, Obrempong Travel & Tours, Ginosko Healthcare Limited and Enactus Ghana. We are your best choice partner when it comes to timely and properly executed accounting services