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5 African countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates

High visa rejection rates pose a significant barrier for Africans looking to travel abroad, particularly to the Schengen region in Europe. Data shows that 70% of the top 10 countries with the highest visa rejection rates are African.

Entrepreneurs are especially affected, as visa denials hinder their ability to expand their businesses beyond domestic markets.

This not only limits economic opportunities but also perpetuates dependence on local markets. Travel for leisure, education, or visiting purposes is also hindered by visa rejections, leading to a sense of isolation for those denied entry.

Governments need to take action to promote visa liberalization, streamline application processes, and address discriminatory practices. Africa accounts for seven of the top ten countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates, indicating a pressing need for reform.

Recent reports show a decline in global Schengen visa applications, with African applicants facing particularly high rejection rates despite submitting fewer applications per capita.


1             Algeria                     392,053                            179,409                          45.8%

2            Guinea-Bissau         7,990                                 3,611                               45.2%

3            Nigeria                      86,815                              39,189                             45.1%

4            Ghana                        42,124                              18,363                             43.6%

5           Senegal                     56,866                              23,683                            41.6%

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Source: Africanews

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