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Achimota, Accra, Ghana

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Experienced Business Consultants You Can Trust!

+233 24 972 2228

Achimota, Accra, Ghana

Cocody, Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Experts are behind every choice we make.

Whether it’s the research and evaluation done by our talented professionals, or the dedicated care of our world-class customer support specialists, the people behind our business make all the difference.


We’ll help you manage your funding efficiently to avoid constraints in the implementation of your project to achieve specific goals.


GroConsult acts as an employer to contractors who usually work under a fixed term contract assignment.


Our pay roll solutions are designed specifically for businesses to keep operations in compliance with regulations.


We customize a range of investment solutions to help you successfully manage, preserve and grow your wealth.


We’ll partner with your business to manage all aspects of your Human Resource, Recruitment, Placement and Training.


We provide companies with effective and efficient payroll, taxes & compliance, benefits and a variety of other human resources and compliance functions.


We ensure efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.


We want you to benefit from the financial management and reporting schemes honed from multiple world class industries.