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UAE Witnesses 170% Surge in Emiratis Employed in Private Sector Since 2001

According to a TASC poll, the majority of Emiratis, or 73.67 percent, are happy with their current occupations.

According to figures released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Human Resources (MoHRE), the number of Emiratis employed in the private sector at the end of 2023 reached approximately 96,000, setting a new historical record. This represents an increase of 170 percent from 2021.

This was declared on Monday during the introduction of the second edition of “Making Emiratization a Success Guide for 2024,” which was organized by the MoHRE and staffing and HR solutions company TASC.

A research by found that 77.65% of UAE citizens use the Nafis initiative to look for work, and 56.64 percent of them believe it has been useful to them in their career journey.

According to the survey, 73.67 percent of Emiratis are happy in their current positions. According to the report, 62.8% of Emiratis place a higher priority on work-life balance, 59% place a higher priority on job stability, and 58.4% place a higher priority on professional advancement.

Additionally, it was discovered that 52.30% of businesses preferred to hire UAE nationals on a permanent basis, while 31.80% were amenable to hiring UAE nationals on a contract basis or in a hybrid manner.

Over 5,500 responses from a variety of businesses were received in the poll, which was done with all three categories representing UAE nationals, employers, and employees.

Additionally, the employers disclosed that while they are concentrating their Emiratization efforts on a range of roles, they are giving particular weight to sales and marketing (42.05 percent) and customer service (42.40%). According to the report, operations roles have drawn a lot of interest, with 33.57% of businesses looking to fill these posts with UAE nationals.

Ahmad Yousuf Al Nasser from MoHRE highlights private sector support for Emiratisation, noting employers’ plans to hire UAE nationals. He emphasizes the strategic recruitment approach, with many companies intending to employ up to 10 Emiratis.

Mahesh Shahdadpuri of TASC Outsourcing underscores additional efforts to integrate Emiratisation into the UAE’s work culture. He mentions a significant willingness among candidates to join both public and private sectors and a high percentage of employers ready to welcome Emirati professionals, indicating growing initiatives for Emiratisation.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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